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Our brand new scheme rewards active members of the Osprey community with credits to be redeemed for professional services

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The more you use Osprey, the more you get out of it. That’s why we’ve introduced our new credit scheme.

By completing training, attending roadshows and taking part in the Osprey community you’ll earn credits on your account card.

Redeem your credits for a range of professional services and enhance your use of the Osprey ecosystem.

Earn credits for being part of the Osprey community

Roadshow attendance £550
Interactive webinar attendance Coming soon £100
Completing online course (must complete quiz) £220
Completing advanced online course (must complete quiz) £550
Providing assistance to our marketing team £150 to £550

Redeem your credits for a range of professional services

On-site Training

Your tailored training programme can be delivered at your office or at Pracctice HQ in Malvern.

Workflow Development

Bespoke workflows for your organisation will save you countless hours of time.

On-site Consultancy

For advice on complex or more bespoke usage of Osprey, this consultancy can be provided at your office or at Pracctice HQ in Malvern.

Data Migration Services

Reap the rewards of having all of your business data in one place. We can assist in the import of information into Osprey, for example, Oaths, Deeds, CRM data and more.

Custom Report Writing

Utilise Osprey’s powerful reporting functions with custom reports for more complex number crunching. Use these to support the effective management of your firm.

Did you get your card?

We posted account cards to customers throughout December. If you have any questions about earning and redeeming credits, get in touch with us!

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Terms and Conditions

Credits must be used within the extant term of a contract, cannot be converted into cashback or cash discount equivalent for license fee services. Credits cannot be redeemed against travel expenses for Onsite attendances. Credits cannot be redeemed against Licence Fees or Bespoke Development work or any other services not listed above. Credits cannot be transferred from firm to firm. Credits must be used with in term of current agreement. Credits not used in term of current agreement will be cancelled. Pracctice Limited reserves the right to vary, amend or withdraw the incentive scheme at their discretion.